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Support and Consultation for SMEs (SUCCESS)
Success is an information and Advisory Centre for small and medium enterprises conducted by the Trade and Industry Department of the Government. Our name in full is the Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs. We colluding with various industrial and trade associations, professional bodies, private industry and other government departments provides SMEs with a comprehensive range of information, advice and business services. Do you find the business information and consultancy services, SUCCESS is the first stop of your needs. The SUCCESS of ' popular service among SMEs, always accept the relationship This will open in a new window from the user recognition.

According to Kinnell, Feather and Mathews and Chen, users in China is that, increasingly, demanding higher quality in the goods and services. Chinese SMES has shown a rapid growth-measured in terms of size, number, financial position or profits since the reform and opening of the country. Demand for higher-quality goods and services and the rapid growth experienced in the business sector-rotation-increase the importance of marketing in business. The value of sticking to market help define user needs; design and quality products which are suitable as a result; for priced them appropriately; and distribute and promote them effectively. It noted that overseas customers and potential partners also demand a high level of marketing activities of the business. To achieve this, the business information required in all aspects of the product, the market, the techniques of production and competition. This requirement has led to the establishment of some practice in China to promote accessibility to the information of the business by the busi...

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