Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

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Now days Karl Marx is still consider one of the most significant and influential thinkers of all times. Karl Marx with the help of Engel’s, which was also a political philosopher were the fathers of communist or socialism which was almost establish successfully in Russia. They provided a complex and philosophical analysis of capitalist societies which is still influencing major changes in the societies. Marx opposed to the principles of capitalism and considers that it was an economic system control by labours who exchanged their land labour for money. Also Engels and Marx argued about the exploitation of working class and the interests of the capitalists that affect proletarian. The alienation of man is another reason for Marx to be against capitalism that make human beings denied their true nature. Since old times there was the division of classes, where Marx and Engels opposed to it, because in capitalist societies lead to unequal division of income and welfare. In modern capitalist societies, the critiques of Marx still seems to be relevant, as there is the division of classes and the unequal share and welfare exist until now most seen in countries such as Britain or United States.

Marx view in the capitalist society is that capitalism is an economic system where production is done on by employees working with several means of production which belong to their employer. Engels and Marx view is that capitalism is a dividing class society, where people are separated into different classes. In a capitalist society there are two categories of persons, the ones who possess effective private property and the others who have no property. In ‘The Communist Manifesto’ Marx describe the former capital as bourgeoisie and the latter wag...

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...cludes other social classes. Labour power makes capitalist to take advantage of proletarians who do not own anything and work for them in order to survive. In the capitalist societies there is inequality in income between rich and poor, especially in wages and the distribution of money. Also Marx argues for the exploitation of the working class by the bourgeois and tries to keep surplus value that benefits them. Capitalist is a system of class struggles in order to survive, it created conflicts amongst others and humans see other humans as competitions. As I mention above the critiques of Marx is still relevant in capitalist societies, for instance United States, where there is a lot of inequality and different classes. Therefore Marx views on capitalism may consider being correct for most viewers and until now other researchers seem to agree with Marx and Engels.
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