Karl Marx And Social Conflict

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Karl Marx was known in sociology history as the master builder of social science. Marx believed that history was made up of steps and controlled by a class conflict. In today’s social problems we face a wide range of conflict Marx 's might analyze very differently then how today 's humans beings would.
One conflict society faces today is inequality. Karl Marx believed that modern society was made up of two classes of people one known as the "bourgeoisies" and the "proletariat". The "bourgeoisies" were known as owners which owned means of production like factories, business and equipment needed to produce the wealth. While the "proletariat" were known as the workers, Marx believed that bourgeoisie in capitalist society exploited all their workers.
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But as many societies modernized and grew much larger then working class became more educated, gaining specific job skills and achieving the kind of finical well-being jobs Marx would of never thought possible. As we see in today era in the year of 2016, workers are no longer getting exploited. Workers are now working under the protection of a union and a labor law. In a recent, New York Time article published on September 13, 2016, titled "Americans Inequality Problems: Real Income Gains Are Brief and Hard to Find". American 's income increasion was presented. A recent count by the Census Bureau provided good news for a beleaguered set of working class. A typical American working class income had increased by a heavy 5.2 percent in 2015. The first sky high jump since 2007, the year right before the economy had sank into a hard recession. The average income for the poorest population increased by a 6.6 percent after three back to back consecutive years of decline, the American economy has began to lift, the fellow ruse of the minimum wage across many states and municipalities. But what many American 's ask is what "why now why after so many years after the increase of labor income?" The answer to this question has many factors that can imply but one cause was mainly on distribution.Most agreed that the only way Americans were going to make it ahead would be through a paycheck. But the question still stands
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