Kant 's Universal Law Theory

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Following Kant’s universal law theory I found to be easier than using persons as ends. I wasn’t often in a position where my actions would require me to use universal law, and for the most part it was for trivial matters. However, I found it quite difficult to stop treating people as ends. I couldn’t do it. I’m always asking my friends to do things for me they otherwise wouldn’t do without a little harassment, not in a peer pressure sort of way, I’m not hazing people, it’s mostly just me asking my friend to rinse out my dishes or other menial tasks. 2. When Hobbes mentions war, he does not mean it in a literal sense of the word. What Hobbes is trying to say is that men, in their natural state of nature, act as if they were participants in a war. Humans, without the governance provided by laws, are savage beings acting only upon their desires rather than rationality. Hobbes mentions this period of time as a segue to his theory of the social contract. Although we now know this time period never previously existed, Hobbes truly believed that men were at constant war with one another ac...
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