Kansas Best Robotics Retrospective

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Kansas Best robotics retrospective at kick off day we were a little intimated by the course and the objective but as it went on the objective and goals seemed easier and more attainable. We started with last year’s base and looked to modify it making it faster and more agile for this year’s competition last year’s robot base was large and was thicker than it might have needed to be so we cut off as much excess shortening it and making it thinner to lighten it up and speed it up that way we could grab the balls and bring them back to our spotter who was usually Buckland who did a good job of spotting During both Mall and Game day. During early development of the base we worried about the stability of the smaller and lighter base cutting out part of the wheels to reduce wait was also considered but was scarped later on as we tried to problem solve some other things the caster wheel was made bigger to compensate for the bigger back wheels we went with larger wheels because even though they require more torque they would help our speed allowing us to grab the game pieces faster and allo...

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