Kama Cade: Run for the Hills

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Kama pulled at his shirt awkwardly and he was by now wondering why he had even asked the girl what had happened to her parents. This would cause a lot of heartache for her to answer because she would start to cry. Kama was never good with crying girls… hell! He was never good with crying people in general… in fact he often ran away from situations like this. At his parents memorial he showed up for only five minutes and when people (old school friends of his parents) would walk up to him crying and telling him about how great his parents were this lead to Kama running off. It was a natural reaction for him (when the going got tough run for the hills!) he’d never admit this was why he never stayed in one place for long but it was the truth. He was actually, raised like this. His parents often ran away from things and this trait was passed onto Kama. Except the last time they wanted to run away from their problems it was too late and Kama was left alone in this world. And, still had the trait of running away from anything and everything… and passing this off with smoking and drinking....
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