Kaizen And Gambatte Analysis

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Kaizen and Gambatte are two Japanese terms that are vital to Pacific Rim (Seider, 2012). Kaizen has a uniform meaning to the faculty members at Pacific Rim; they believe that kaizen serves as a “commitment to working for the continuous improvement of the community” (Seider, 2012, p. 164). Gambatte means “to persist or never give up” (Seider, 2012, p. 164). Administrators and faculty members at Pacific Rim brings both educational practices, kaizen and gambatte to life in various ways to their students (Seider, 2012). For example, the students get the opportunity to engage in meaningful debates on topics of importance, hence Philanthropy (Seider, 2012). Character Education class is a requirement of each grade level. They are taught about civic …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that kaizen and gambatte are two japanese terms that are vital to pacific rim.
  • Analyzes how pacific rim's students develop lifelong, essential traits and teach moral and civic character. they firmly believe that the reading and deciphering of seedfolks thoroughly explained communities and showed students how people of different backgrounds and succeed in a diverse country, the united states.
  • Explains that enhancing youth civic involvement isn't solved by creating opportunities, but requires persistence to develop civic character. to attract and cause awareness of students' passions, "skilled mentors" are required to present exercises.

One way that they focus of community in schools that stood out to me, was the book discussion. I firmly believe that the reading and deciphering of Seedfolks thoroughly explained communities and showed the students how people of different backgrounds and succeed in a diverse country, The United States. Seedfolks strategically used residents of various ethnic groups to show diversity among people in the community (Seider, 2012). The dedication from each teacher is revealed whether it’s in simple one-on-one conversation with a student or in a mass group discussing “What’s Your Contribution?” (Seider, 2012). The results of each of the lessons on civic character is strongly felt on the premises at Pacific Rim. These results include students’ feedback on their demonstration of perseverance, working as a group to maximize their learning environment, demanding character education class, and conceptualizing kaizen in an elaborate way (Seider, 2012). The results are also shown at the award presentations (Seider, 2012). The Kaizen-Gambatte Award is given weekly and approximately 12 students are recognized monthly (Seider, 2012). The purpose of the character education class is to strengthen students’ comprehension of community and their contribution to the community (Seider,

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