Juveniles Tried as Adults

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Since the beginning of civilization there has been a belief that people should be punished for their actions, this soon led to the development of law enforcement. At some point in time it was determined that age doesn’t make a difference and that if a juvenile committed a similar crime to that of an adult, there should be equal consequences. In the United States there are two types of courts, there is juvenile court as well as an adult court, in some cases a juvenile because of the severity of his or her crime is brought into the adult courtroom in order to be tried as an adult. This happens quite frequently in the United States. There are some people who feel that this is the right way to go about things while there are advocates who feel that this falls under the category of cruel and unusual punishment. The eighth amendment to the constitution of the United States is the amendment that eliminates cruel and unusual punishments. I believe that if you subject a child to be tried as an adult that falls under the category of cruel and unusual punishment, juveniles can sometimes be tried unfairly as the struggles in their lives are often overlooked and because of this they are convicted as adults given ridiculous sentences and as a result their lives are thrown away. There are many instances where a juvenile is not given a fair trial or he or she was not properly defended. One case in particular was the case of Johnny Frank Garrett. Johnny was a boy who was mentally handicapped he was brought into custody for the rape and murder of a nun. Johnny was not even considered a suspect until a psychic who worked with the police to help solve crimes had a dream in which she saw the killer, she gave an address, a description of the killer an... ... middle of paper ... ...dren are monsters and deserved to be locked up for life, when in reality most of them were raised into a life of crime. For most of these juveniles crime is all they know and I believe that with a little help and counseling they can become very productive members of society. Justice doesn’t always have to involve locking away a juvenile for life, people need to see that and hopefully society can change for the better. Works Cited http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/juvenile/stats/kidslikeadults.html http://www.wm3.org/CaseIntroduction/Page/BRIEF-OVERVIEW http://www.law.northwestern.edu/legalclinic/wrongfulconvictions/issues/deathpenalty/wrongfulexecutions/johnny-frank-garrett.html http://murderpedia.org/male.G/g1/garret-johnny-frank.htm http://www.jlc.org/current-initiatives/promoting-fairness-courts/youth-adult-system http://www.eji.org/childrenprison

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