Juveniles Of Adult Courts Has Negative Effects On The Defendants As Previously Proven

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Trying juveniles in adult courts has negative effects on the defendants as previously proven. Another reason juveniles should be tried in juvenile centers is that trying an adolescent offender in adult court is a terrible double standard. Author Peter Katel(2008) would agree with this. He stated that brain scans have shown that adolescents do not think like adults(2008). If a teenager doesn 't think like an adult they should not be handled the same way(Katel, 2008). This is evidence of the double standard. There are age restrictions on many things do to the thought processes of different aged people, however when it comes to justice some find it acceptable to try all evenly. In the mind of Hannah McCrea(2008), “…”justice” means proportional and appropriate punishment.” Our justice system should focus on justice and trying these adolescent offenders properly. Society identifies that humans do not fully understand what is right and wrong until the age of eighteen, which is the legal age a person must take full responsibility for their actions(McCrea, 2008). If society feels eighteen is the age we must take full responsibility for our actions, trying juveniles as adult again represents a terrible double standard. Society opposes juveniles rights to vote, buy alcohol, purchase property etc.(McCrea, 2008). Setting age restrictions is a necessity in society, they just need to be consistent. McCrea(2008) also stated that she believed the crimes these adolescents are committing are signs of immaturity not aggression. There is a no exceptions when it comes to minors trying to purchase alcohol. If your twenty-first birthday is tomorrow they will not sell you alcohol. There isn 't an exception that states sometimes it is acceptable if the ... ... middle of paper ... ...hile both sides or the argument have valid reasons behind their beliefs, trying juveniles as adults does not have enough reasons to validate the reasoning. All crimes deserve punishment. Children do not belong with adults when it comes to incarceration. The adult prisons do to much physical and sexual harm to the adolescents along with self harm they inflict upon themselves. Everything in this country is divided by age. Putting a minor in an adult facility is a preposterous double standard. All criminals have made mistakes in the past they cannot take back. The positive of juvenile centers is the idea of bettering the criminal and trying to make the most of their future. Youths will continue to make mistakes as time goes on. Society cannot stop this, society can make an effort to better their future. This can only be done through no longer trying juveniles as adults.

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