Juvenile Who Commit Homicide or Parricide and the Presence of Child Abuse

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Mary Flora Bell, Jasmine Richardson, Mark Martone, Harvey Robinson, Jacob Ind, Willie Bosket, Nathan Ybanez, Carl Newton Mahan, Robert Thompson with Jon Venables, Donna Marie Wisener, Israel Marquez, Billy Isaacs, Scott Anders, Trevor Jones, Jacen Paul Pearson and Andrew Medina unfortunately this list of names is not for any meritorious occasions but rather that of juveniles who have killed and yet it is only a shear parcel of a complete list. It is a common wide held belief that children are innocent and pure, but that would contradict the above listed. Taking a life in it of itself is still one of the most horrendous things a human being can do, but some of these juveniles took it one step further committed parricide. Parricide is defined as “one that murders his or her father, mother, or a close relative” (Merriam Webster, 2013). What could have led these juveniles to act with such violence and what would seem to be heartlessness might just be something much simpler and possibly easier to understand? First it is needed for one to understand what the types of “abuse” are and how this may effect a juvenile’s actions. There are four main established categories • Physical abuse, defined as causing or allowing any non-accidental physical injury. • Sexual abuse; defined as any sexual activity, practice or instruction which either meets the criminal definition or is unhealthy for a child considering his/her age and level of development. • Psychological/Emotional abuse; refers to any acts such as intentional humiliation, causing emotional conflict, or any act that could be psychologically damaging to the child. • Neglect; defined as failing or refusing to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter, emotional nurturing, or health care. (Aamondt, 2005) To say the least each one of these forms of abuse are hard to think about but this abuse does happen more often than

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that this list of names is not for meritorious occasions but rather that of juveniles who have killed.
  • Explains the types of "abuse" and how this may affect a juvenile's actions.
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