Juvenile Sex Offenders

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Sexual assault is one of the fastest growing violent crimes in America. Approximately 20% of all people charged with a sexual offense are juveniles. Among adult sex offenders, almost 50% report that their first offense occurred during their adolescence. (FBI, 1993) There are many different opinions, treatment options and legislation to manage the growing numbers of juvenile sex offenders. In today’s society the psychological and behavioral modification treatments used to manage juvenile sex offenders is also a growing concern. To understand and determine the proposed treatment methods, several related issues will need to be reviewed such as traditional sex offender therapy methods like cognitive therapy and alternative therapies like wilderness camps. Once, the juvenile sex offender becomes part of the justice system the cost of rehabilitated or incarcerating the juvenile also must be discussed. The disposition for juvenile sex offenders should be personalized to the offenders’ age, offense and mental health. How we choose these methods and if such treatment is more effective than incarceration are key issues to be discussed. This literature will discuss who the juvenile sex offender is, the various treatment options to rehabilitate juveniles, the viable solutions to monitor and reduce juvenile sex crimes and the cost to properly manage juvenile sex offenders once they have been adjudicated.

Juvenile sex offenders often vary in age, gender and social class; which require a variety of different therapy and rehabilitation methods. Adolescent sex offenders commit a wide range of illegal sexual behaviors, ranging from exploratory behaviors committed largely out of curiosity to repeated aggressive assaults. Adolescents are respo...

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