Juvenile Offenders And Life Imprisonment Without Parole

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Everyone deserves a second chance; no one is perfect in this world.Certainly teens who may now be adults have come to realization that what they did was morally wrong but they have to be given the possibility to redeem themselves.To demonstrate that the heinous crime they committed does not necessarily make or mark them as harsh and insensitive human-beings.Occasionally the circumstances are what cause juveniles to behave a certain way.Moreover, it 's important to take in consideration that kids are considerably more impulsive and emotionally volatile than adults.Their brains don 't function and aren 't fully developed the way an adults brain is, their actually more reactive to stress.If you have no faults of your own;which is quite unlikely you shouldn’t be so eager in taking such pleasure noticing and judging other 's faults.Juveniles need to have the alternative of a parole so they can see that the world is not closing up on them that they still have that small hope to live a decent life. Sentencing juvenile offenders to life imprisonment without parole is disproportionate especially in this permissive society.Minors don 't have full culpability of their actions.To demonstrate this assertion is correct, sufficient research has been complied.To prove in the article, On Punishment and Teen Killers, by Jennifer Jenkins has stated that,”We in America have to own this particular problem, with weapons so easily available to our youth, and the violence-loving culture in which we raise them”(5).Although it 's not us who commit the crime we do make it easier for them to get a hold on weapons espicially in the Unites States.Adam Liptak points out in the article, Jailed for Life After Crimes as Teenagers, that “The United States ... ... middle of paper ... ...: they are less mature, more vulnerable to peer pressure, cannot escape from dangerous environments, and their characters are still in formation”(6).Those on the other side of the issue may also assume that minors not only act impulsively, that at times they plan the whole thing out.They believe that they deserve to be in prison without the alternative of parole, that life in prison is not as bad as what other countries do.This is not the case as we can see in the article, Juveniles Don 't Deserve Life Sentences, by Gail Garinger he states that,”Nationwide, 79 young adolescents have been sentenced to die in prison- a sentence not imposed on children anywhere else in the world”(3).Nevertheless, my point still stands because as reported by certified and credible people Juvenile offenders need to have at least a hope to one day return to society without being a threat.
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