Juvenile Justice System And Juvenile Justice

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Bennett 1

Donald Bennett

Ms. Merchant

English IV, 1st hour

8th April 2014

I am here today to talk about the juvenile justice system and juvenile criminals in general. Currently in the United States, if a teen under 18 were to commit a violent crime of some kind, there would be a very fair chance that these teens would be let off pretty easily. Now I ask you, is that right? Is that fair to the victims? I say no, no it isn’t fair that a 16 year old could beat someone, steal from them, and only get a few months where as an adult would of had a much longer sentence. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for some mercy and compassion, there are times when rehabilitation is a great idea, preferably all the time but hey, it isn’t always like that.
If for some reason, a criminal felt a necessity to physically harm someone for their own gain or amusement, they should be considered dangerous and have punishment for their crimes. There have been many, many times where an adolescent has caused such pain and sadness, just to be let off with a slap on the wrist. I’m talking about murder here, accidental or otherwise, murder is murder no matter who or how old you are, and the fact they they practically get away with it because of their ages disgusts me. According to the justice department, about 10% of the homicides in the United States are committed by juveniles under 18. Want to see just how serious it gets? Every year the FBI has to

arrest more than 33,000 juveniles under 18 for various crimes, according to Huma Khan at That’s the FBI we’re talking about here, they tend to only c...

... middle of paper ... thoughts and statements. This entire paper has focused on justice, both for the young and the old, it has displayed my beliefs on the subject in an attempt to sway you over to my side. Truly, I thank you for your valuable time in reading this and hope that it has shed some light on the subjects and given you a better idea of the justice system.
I have to give credit where credit is due and here it is. I collected most of my information from various sites, my own personal opinions, and personal knowledge of juvenile law. Some of the information I’ve gotten came from an article on by Khan, Huma. I have also gathered some of my information from a debate site called in verious user commits and facts. The last source I used was from I thank you for your time and hope this has been an informative paper.
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