Juvenile Justice System

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Juvenile crime has risen over the past years and has reached a height to where these young adults need help to return to what used to be a good, humble world where crime was a horrible action that no one would dare do. Young people have their whole life ahead of them and need to learn how to adapt themselves to a world where crime does exist but without themselves becoming a part of it. It is unimaginable how these children throw away their lives in a single action taken whether it is destructive to property or to other people. Although juveniles may not understand the severity of their crime, sentencing juveniles to mandatory life in prison is necessary because they have enough common knowledge to differentiate between right and wrong, the “underdeveloped mentality” is not yet proven to be true, and the victim’s family will never have their loved one near anymore; they will always be in pain.
All children are raised in homes where they are taught the basic rules of life; the knowledge to differentiate between right and wrong. As these children become juveniles, they now know the great difference between these two and know whether their actions will either benefit them or hurt them in the near or later future. From personal experience, my parents have raised me right with the high-valued morals that have run through our family for years. When I came of age and entered high school, I was exposed to an environment full of people who drank, smoked, and had sex. Many of those who surrounded me are also involved with gang violence and theft. When I was offered to do such things by those who I called my “friends”, I knew the right thing to do was turn them down; which I did. Many juveniles know this difference and yet still decide to ...

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...ucceed in front of them but neglect the help and the opportunities offered to them.
All in all, juveniles should be punished and held accountable for their heinous crimes because they have enough knowledge of the common moral values, have the mental capacity to know what they are doing, and to bring some peace of mind to the loved ones of those lost by their hand. This rapidly growing outburst of juvenile crime rates needs to be accounted for and confronted in order to be put to an end. These heinous crimes they commit used to be taken by adults only; apparently, children now have become the people we only imagine in our worst nightmares that pertain to those in future charge of this world we live in. The country needs to take action and responsibility for these actions instead of neglecting the fact that someone needs to be accounted for the outburst that happen.
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