Juvenile Justice And Delinquency Prevention

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According the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 1,024,000 juveniles were arrested in 2014 for crimes ranging from murder to curfew violations. Out of the 50 states in the union, only 12 (Kelerleber, 2015) states require that police working as school resource officers be trained to handle students in a school. There needs to be a standard with not only resource officers but every cop should have a basic and functional understanding how and why juveniles act the way they do.
In recent news there have been story after story coming out about school resource officers being far too aggressive. Reports out of Baltimore Maryland (WBAL11) about a scuffle between an officer and 3 middle school girls. It started out as the officer calling one of the young ladies “little girl”, which she took offence to and got lippy with the officer. The officer then attempted to restrain the girl. At that point the girl’s older sister and cousin became involved by what looks like trying to separate the two. At that point the officer pulled her baton. Striking the cousin twice, once in the head causing a laceration that required 10 stitches. The sisters were sprayed in the face with pepper spray.
Another from Covington Kentucky (Yan, CNN) were a 3rd grader with ADHD was kicking the seat in front of him. Deputy Sumner was called in to assist with the rambunctious child. The boy was handcuffed above the elbows and saying “It’s your decision to behave this way,” and “If you want the handcuffs off, you’re going to have to behave and ask me nicely.”
It’s easy to argue that the young people in the examples didn’t comply with orders and that there are rules that need to be followed and they weren’t. In these and in numerous inciden...

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... the whole situation to begin with.
Schools are one thing, they need to have specialized training as they deal with a high amount of youth every day. The normal cop probably doesn’t need such robust training but maybe more the rout of the Mr. Rodgers videos to give them a base understanding of a mindset that they have out grown, the mind set of reaction not logical thought and processing.
It falls back onto community policing. Having the police know the neighborhoods that they work in, knowing the parents of the kids walking around and being able to use the option of taking them home and handling it with a guardian instead of them being put into detention and learning things that they never would have if they were able to keep leading the lives they had before the got a harsh sentence for something as trivial as a 16 year old having a pack of Newport’s on them.

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