Juvenile Delinquency: Increasing Juvenile Crime and Violence

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Juvenile Delinquency: Increasing Juvenile Crime and Violence

These days, children have been exposed to many dangers such as child abuse or kidnapping. This situation has not been improved so far, besides it is getting worse and worse. In present society, parents have to keep their eyes on children anytime because any children are potentially involved in crimes. On the other hand, Furedi, author of Culture of Fear, mentions “Children are depicted as more and more out of control” (20). Children themselves are considered as dangerous beings. The media broadcast juvenile delinquency one after another and they are focusing on it more than ever before so watching the news about the child crime is not unusual anymore. We suppose that children have been out of control. The media are sound like the sources of creating prejudice against children. Compared with past, in fact, have children been more and more dangerous? Are the juvenile crime and violence increasing? Or are these images created by the media?

Obviously, children are different from children in the past. The child crime is getting cruel and children themselves are partly become more and more dangerous.

First of all, is the child crime seriously increasing? Flowers answers this question; “overall arrests of juveniles for violent crimes continue to be on decline. […] between 1990 and 1999, arrest of persons under the age of eighteen for violent crimes dropped nearly 5 percent” (28). From this fact, we cannot simp...

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