Juvenile Crimes

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Alexus Ellis
English 11
Mrs. Murphy
12 February 2014

Should Juveniles be tried as an adult?

In some states “Juvenile” is the age of seventeen and younger. All states are different juveniles can also be an adult anywhere between 15 or 18 (Merrefield). If any juvenile commits a crime that an adult would get charged for and get served prison time a juvenile should as well. If the juvenile has committed crimes such as murder, possessing any illegal drugs, or maybe did something to get fined, they should pay the amount of money like an adult.
It is up to the judge to decide the juvenile’s type and length of sentence. It’s depending upon the facts of the crime and its seriousness. Usually they fine you for lower level offenses, and use prison for the most serious crimes. If he or she is old enough to do the crime, they also could do the time, no matter what the age.
If a person is under age they should be placed in a detention center until they hit 18 to be officially charged as an adult. Crimes in the world now are becoming a big problem, because most crimes today are done by juveniles. Most of the juvenile delinquents was not born to have bad behavior or to have the instinct of committing crimes they have did. I think it starts from the family and how they were raised and what family members influenced them to criminal things. Not only do they learn that from family, but he or she could have picked things up like that from friends they have been around or maybe off television shows. Some juveniles are gang related and most crimes involves people losing their lives over it. Somehow, juveniles can maybe get it easier than someone that has already turned 18. Juveniles should be held until their court date or bond release just li...

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...all over the world should be tried as an adult because a crime is a crime no matter who committed and what age. If the judge dismiss the juveniles of the charges because of age, they will most likely commit even worse crimes later on. They will have a record that follows them for the rest of their life with them being charged as an adult it should prevent them to have access to weapons such as knives, and other registered weapons.
Keeping juveniles and other suspects that participates in criminal activities off the street would make the world a better place to be. Also it will lower the crime rate over the United States.

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