Juvenile Crimes

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Juvenile crime is a growing problem that endangers virtually every American. Juvenile delinquency is enormously damaging to the health and well-being of the nations families and communities. A juvenile crime can consist of DUI, robbery, rape, minor in possession, weapon in possession anything an adult can be charged with. Individuals under the age of eighteen who commit these crimes can be charged as a juvenile delinquent. Statistics show that most juveniles that commit crimes are in a gang; weather its street related or school related. The average cost of caring for an incarcerated juvenile is more than $40,000 a year. Vandalism in schools cost more than two-hundred million a year, and vandalism directed at personal property is even more expensive. Most juveniles commit crimes because of peer pressure or broken homes. When a minor commits a crime, a state will classify them as a juvenile delinquent. James Alan Fox indicates that for children who are not supervised after school, statistics show that crime by and against juveniles peaks at 3 p.m. and again at 6 p.m. Juveniles are responsible for one in five violent crimes. Guns are used in eight out of ten homicides committed by juveniles. Nearly 40 percent of juvenile crime occurs after school, whereas for adults the crime rate is highest before and after midnight. The report also says that Juveniles ages 12-17 were more likely to be victims of violent crime, including rape, robbery, and simple assault, than adults 25 and older (qtd. in Juvenile Violent Crime Rating Alarming). Edward Zigler states that the 1970s brought a wave of change to the nation’s juvenile justice system. Common alternatives were counseling, social work, and restitution programs in which offenders were ob... ... middle of paper ... ...urts. Even in areas with high rates of official delinquency, the true extent of juvenile misconduct is far greater than reflected in police or court records (3). Juvenile Crime is a major problem through out the world. If juveniles are to be prosecuted as adults, juvenile’s legal capacities should be comparable to adults, and weather individuals perceive juvenile who commit adult crimes with adult consequences to do better able to assist in their own defense or understand the charges against them in comparison to adolescents who do not commit these crimes is currently unknown. If parents would monitor their children more, and get involved with their social lives crime rate may possibly go down. Juvenile crime is a growing problem that endangers virtually every American. Every year crime rate goes up because some parent may not be playing their role as a parent.
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