Justin Martyr : The First Encounter Of Christian Revelation

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Justin Martyr During the second-century of the early church, there was a very important Greek Apologist known as Justin Martyr. Justin’s writings represented the first encounter of Christian revelation with Greek philosophy and a basis for theology of history. Justin was born around 100 in Samaria. He studied various schools of philosophy, joining himself first to Stoicism, then Pythagoreanism, then Platonism. Justin became a Christian, his position was pagan philosophy, especially Platonism. Justin worshipped the Father as the supreme in the Universe, he worshipped the logos and or Son as divine but in the second place, and he worshipped the Holy sprit in the third place. For Justin, the logos was foremost Jesus Christ. He was the “whole Word”. Justin believed in the full divinity of the Son. Justin’s philosophical presuppositions modified the biblical basis to great extent. He defined Jesus as a unique Power who is separate from the Father, but is the source of all Being. In the beginning was the Word [ Logos ] and the Word [ Logos ] was with God. And the Word [ Logos ] was God." (John 1:1) In this verse, interpreted by Justin, the term logos means “reason”. When it was written Jesus was the Logos of God, it meant that Jesus is the Reason of God, he is the embodiment of God’s power. Justin’s insight on Logos for him, is essentially that Logos is the purpose of creation and revelation, as the agent and servant of the Father. Hagan 2 The Father communes with the logos and the logos is the organ of the creation which God conceived and made by him. The early Christians recognized that God is the source of all reason and knowledge. The logos then becomes the medium between the Transcendent God and the finite universe. Creation ... ... middle of paper ... ...egarding the world, time, creation, freedom, the human soul’s affinity with the divine sprit, and the recognition of good and evil”. Jesus Christ is the incarnation of the entire divine logos, and the purpose of Christ coming to the world was to teach men the truth and save them from the power of demons. Justin demonstrates through his works that Jesus is both the messiah, stated by the Old Testament, and he the preexisting logos, regarding Him as incarnation of Logos, and or “in second place” to God. He illustrates the divine of creation and salvation, which is fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Logos is the eternal Word, eternal reason, and creative reason. The ideas of Martyr are important to study and understand because his ideas impacted the church because they show the origin of Christianity beliefs and customs, and understanding Jesus Christ, the logos, second to God.

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