Justifying Abortion

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Justifying Abortion

Abortion is murder

Rape, incest

Life is Gods gift, we should not destroy

Mother is unable to care for baby.

e.g. very young, mental or physical health problems/

We have no right to take a unique life, everyone should have an equal

chance to live.

To save the mothers life

There are possibly many other arguments for both sides of the argument

but most of them are so closely linked that I would just be repeating


Rape and incest is traumatic for the woman, but think if that woman

had to keep that child, a constant reminder of a horrible event.

Growing up asking who his daddy was, 'I don't know, he raped me.' This

wouldn't really be a very good situation for child or mother. Even if

she gave the baby away for adoption, she would still have to carry the

foetus for 9 months. It would make the experience a lot harder to get


If the mother is unable to care for her child, whatever the

circumstance, giving the baby up for adoption after its birth. But to

see the baby in the mothers' arms could change her decision to give it

away. Keeping the baby could be a mistake when they would have trouble

looking after and caring for it.

Abortion should be legal in case the mothers' life is at risk. If

giving birth to the baby would kill the mother, then having an

abortion is the best solution. This especially true if the mother

already has children because the loss of their mother would be awful.

A motherless baby would also be sad. If a pregnant woman is diagnosed

with cancer, she can wait until she has given birth before she starts

the treatment. This decision is often swung by how late in the

pregnancy it is. An eight-month wait could make the cancer incurable.

'Abortion Is Murder.' A typical slogan found in anti-abortion demos.

The people who hold these banners believe that the foetus or unborn
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