Justify The Title For To Kill A Mockingbird

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298 words

The Connection Between the Title and the Deaths in the Story The story is called “to Kill a Mockingbird”. In the story there’s one reference to killing mockingbirds which also has a reason why not to kill them: Atticus says to his children to never kill a mockingbird because its a sin. He says its a sin because the mockingbird makes music for everyone. On the other hand he says its okay to kill blue jays because they hurt society by eating from peoples yards and living in corn cribs. Atticus knows how to shoot better than anyone else, but he doesn’t keep a shotgun. This shows he’s a noble man who doesn’t believe killing a solution to anything. Atticus is a lawyer, and he was chosen to represent Tom, because he’s the only one who might be

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the connection between the title and the deaths in the story. atticus says killing mockingbirds is a sin, while killing blue jays hurt society by eating from people's yards.
  • Analyzes how atticus isn't as opposed to bob ewell's murder, which shows he deserves death more than tom does.
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