Justice is in our starts not hands

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Justice is unattainable for men. It is simply not in our nature. We don’t even deserve pure justice. The funny thing is we think not only do we deserve justice but we own it. It is believed that it is okay to get your hands dirty when you are getting justice. It is not that way. Justice is beautiful and pure and basically anything, even the slightest but off is simply not justice. That right there is what I am trying to prove in this essay. Justice does not belong to us. We don’t deserve it. There is no way to provide justice without harming innocent people along the way. We get too caught up in our own heads and nothing else matters. We hurt so many people along the way. It’s almost like sinning to become holy. It does not work like that and there is no other way to do it. God is the only one that can provide justice without hurting anyone else. When we try it gets messy and personal. Justice is blind and we are unable to close our eyes. Think about it. Have you ever tried to get justice before? It turns into revenge. People try to give others back what they have felt but you simply can’t. You can’t measure suffering and pain. How do you know how much you received in relation to what you give? The point is you don’t. You never know how much something will impact someone or who is connected to who. Everyone is connected as if we are in some sort of messed up chain. If you break a link the chain is broken. Once the chain is broken you can’t fix it. There is no going back. As stated before justice doesn’t belong to us. This is no different in Count of the Monte Cristo. Our book starts with Edmond Dantès being thrown in jail thanks to Villefort, Fernand and Danglars. The entire book is about him getting revenge/providing justice on t... ... middle of paper ... ... technically committed a crime. Justice cannot be served by an offender of the law now can it? As I said before, you can’t sin to go to heaven. With the way Dantès was getting justice he has blackening his soul and dirtying his hands. Nothing more, nothing less. The book Count of the Monte Cristo, clearly shows us that no one can attain justice. Dantès himself, who is closer to a god mentally then a human may I add, couldn’t even accomplish justice with years of planning and preparation. No one person can say what another man deserves. It’s almost inhumane to decide the fate of another man. It is not up to you. Life works in a funny way and it is almost inevitable that it will catch up to them in some way shape or form. Maybe karma is real, maybe it isn’t but never forget that things happen for a reason and you can’t decide that reason. We don’t control everything.

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