Justice and Mercy

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Les Miserables is a story filled with emotion and characters that are very real. They deal with every day emotions that cause them to make choices. These choices have effects on the characters paths in life. As they make decisions and live with their choices they are often left at the feet of a higher law. They are judged on the basis of mercy and justice on a regular basis. In this essay we are going to explore what justice and mercy are as it applies to people’s choices and actions during life in the story and why mercy is often considered the higher law because of its appeal to love. Justice is unchanging and impartial. It is neither fair nor unfair. It applies to all people equally and demands payment. It defines that there is a consequence for every action. This means if you do something wrong there is a punishment. However if you do something of worth there should be a reward. Justice is the framework of Les Miserable’s and the characters in the story. It really defines their paths in life. Each time one of them makes a poor decision they are often required to pay the cost for that choice by not being allowed to go where they want to go, or do what they want to do. For example, Jean Valjean one of the main characters in this Novel once made the choice to steal a loaf of bread in order to feed his sister and her children. He was caught and cast into the galleys for nineteen years. (pg. 26) However unfair a man being put into prison and charged to hard labor for 19 years for stealing a simple loaf of bread that would benefit his family may appear the law at that time required a certain punishment for a certain crime. Jean Valjean had broken the law and thus justice required payment. Valjean fulfilled this payment by serving in... ... middle of paper ... ...eater good as a free man. Javert recognized this and provided Valjean with the opportunity, regardless of pass sins to make the world a better place. In Conclusion. Both justice and mercy are considered honorable and good. They both uphold the law and hold everyone accountable for their actions. However where justice is required it often acts as the bare normal for society. When mercy is extended it allows forgiveness to people that often disserve a second chance. It provides them with the opportunity to become better and change themselves. Which is often the greatest thing that you can provide to people that have found error. When mercy is extended love and the desire for improvement are often shown. This is often enough to get people on the right track. Les Miserbles shows both the laws of mercy and justice and why mercy is often a better law to judge someone by.
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