Justice In John Rawls's Theory Of Justice

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In John Rawls’ “Theory of Justice,” he describes important aspects of justice that are often times overlooked when trying to contain the controversy of justice. The main contribution that Rawls has to offer for equality and justice is his two principles of justice. The two principles of justice apply to the basic structure of society and govern rights and duties and attempt to help regulate the distribution of social and economic advantages. The first principle says that each person is to have an equal right to the most extensive scheme of equal basic liberties compatible with a similar scheme of liberties for others. This first principle has the ability to make the basic liberties of Americans equal, due to its emphasize on the topic of equality…show more content…
The role of this principle is to insure that the system of cooperation is one of pure procedural justice. Rawls also mentions two other important ideas on equality, they are “equality of opportunity” and “careers open to talent.” These three topics are different from each other, due to the fact that they are all describing different steps toward achieving equality, while taking into account opportunity. Careers open to talent means that jobs should go to the most qualified and economic opportunities should be available to everyone, independently of one’s upbringing. Equality of opportunity focuses on the requirements that positions with superior advantages should be available to everyone, and that all applicants should be winnowed by fair competition, rather than focusing on merits applicants possess. Lastly, Rawls says that fair equality of opportunity is when any individual who have the same native talent and same ambitions will have the same chance of success in competitions for positions that hold superior benefits for their…show more content…
Furthermore, I believe that fair equality of opportunity is required for justice because it is bringing light to the fact that justice requires equal rights for all in all circumstances and without fair equality of opportunity, justice would never be fully satisfied because some would be advantaged over others. Rawls’ equality of opportunity is not considered fully sufficient because he says “society should take into account economic efficiency and the requirements of organizations and technology,” meaning that if there are inequalities with any aspects of life that work to better everyone despite the concept of equality, than that is what should be permitted. The reason I believe that Rawls’ is correct on his idea of equality of opportunity idea is because I believe that we are required to consider everything when making decisions as a society and it is a problem to only look at the merits or experience of certain individuals when superior advantages are at hand. In addition, In Rawls second principle of justice he says that fair equality of opportunity requires that citizens with the same talents and willingness to use those talents should have the same educational and economic opportunities regardless of their
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