Justice In Electra, Apology And The Crito By Sophocre

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Justice The theme that relates the three books Electra, Apology and the Crito is Justice. Examining the two definitions of Justice that are from each of the three books. Doing this is a way to compare the differences and similarities between each book and more importantly the difference between the different definitions of Justice. The definition that the main character of Electra uses as the definition is Justice is Punishment for unlawfulness with more unlawfulness to satisfy Electra’s own self-interest. The book Electra was written approximately in 450- 440 BC by Sophocles. It is a Greek tragedy that has strong connections to Homer’s Odyssey. The book is biased on the story of Electra and her brother Orestes, they take vengeance in their mother and Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus for murdering their father Agamemnon after he returns home from the Trojan War.…show more content…
Specifically looking at what Meletus thought Justice was, see that it is very similar to Electra. “You have made it sufficiently obvious, Meletus, that you have never had any concern for our youth; you show your indifference clearly; that you have given no thought to the subject for which you bring me to trail.” This is Socrates making a defense against the accusations of Metetus. Metetus as rushed into this trial and is guilty of “Irresponsibly bring people to court”. He is angry with Socrates and is trying to get Socrates back for embarrassing him in the streets of Athens. Meletus is trying to get revenge to make himself feel better and prove that Socrates does not know what he is talking about. By doing that he would be proving he is smarter than Socrates, bringing these charges on him are more out of revenge than trying to maintain the law. There it is Metelus’s definition of Justice, retaliation for what happened to make himself feel better. He thinks that he was treated unjustly and wants his
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