Justice For Children And Youth

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According to Justice For Children and Youth (2013), the first part of being in custody will be twice as long as the second part which is being under supervision. If the sentence is 2 years under the Criminal Code of Canada the length of sentencing for youths will be two years in which the first part is to be served in custody for 16 months while the remaining 8 months is under community supervision. With that information, reviewing back the case of the boys whom are 13 years old, if the court decided to go through a youth sentence and impose an indictable offence sentence, it would be two years in custody while the remaining 8 months the youths will be apart of the community supervision The sentencing then however for the boy who is 14 years old then would be an adult sentence of 2 years for committing theft under 5000 if the court proceeded with an indictable offence and if the crown can prove why this individual should get an adult sentence. The next charge one will analyze is Mischief over $5000, which is set out in section 430(3). This section states “ Every one who commits ...
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