Just War: Terrorism And Terrorism

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Just War On September 11, 2001, the United States had faced one of the most tragic and unexpected events in history. The morning of September 11 was disrupted by the plane crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The crash caused by an Islamic group killed approximately three thousand people. This unexpected attack shook the whole nation with emotions of anger and fear. President George Bush took action and declared war against the Islamic group, claiming it as “war on terror”. President Bush claimed his declaration against the terrorists in line of defense to protect the United States. As citizens of the United States, retaliation seemed to be a reasonable option, but it is not the case. In the perspective of the Islamic group,…show more content…
The terrorists, or better known as the Taliban, attacked America under reasonable moral claims. In the perspective of the Taliban and the Iraqi insurgents, the action to attack the United States was morally sensible to declare a just war. The Islamic group’s actions are based on their religion of fighting in the name of Jihad. In the Quran (holy book in Islam), Jihad is translated to “holy war”, but mostly defined as struggling or striving (Jihad). Radical Muslims took the meaning of Jihad to an extreme measure of performing violent acts for it is what their “God wants”. Some Muslims viewed the attack as heroic and martyr’s for their sacrifice under the name of Jihad. The Taliban’s act of war can be applied to the Just War theory. According to the Jus ad Bellum, the Taliban’s just cause to attack America was their claim on fighting for religious purposes. The radical leader of the Taliban, Osama Bin Laden, led the 9/11 attacks. In relation to the Just War theory, Osama Bin Laden was the authority figure to authorize the plan crash at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The Taliban’s intentions in declaration of war were due to religious purposes, but this claim can be debated. Previously mentioned, intentions meaning, “ correcting a suffered wrong” is acceptable while “material gain” is wrong. The Taliban’s good intention on a just cause of their attacks may have been religious, but can also lean towards to correct the suffered wrong by our attempts to gain oil in the Middle East. The statement can be arguable whether it was true or not. When determining the reason of proportionality, the Taliban’s claim of attack was that if America were claimed under the name of Islam for it’s religious purposes, following their religious practices would benefit them. The Taliban’s view themselves as
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