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“Deep in the jungles of South America, there's two tribes that remain isolated from the rest of the world. Most would call them barbarians, but in reality they're humanity in its most simple form. They don't have the distractions of everyday technology and are more attuned to the most basic of human natures and stand side by side with nature instead of destroying it. As an anthropologist, I decided to spend a month with these people and see how they react to an outsider and study how they interact with each other. I’ll be making camp in the neutral area between the two tribes as to not show favoritism between them. I’m setting off tomorrow through a private plane service in Brazil. I look forward to sharing my experience with you when I return.”
“Alright Dr. Rodney, I think that will be sufficient. This is a small intro segment that is just to peak the interests of our readers so that they’ll be intrigued to read the follow up story about you when you when you return.” The People Worldwide interviewer clicks his pen closed and folds up his note pad. “I really am very interested in this trip. What if the tribes are dangerous? I mean, not much is known about them is there?”
I smile at the young interviewers inquiries. “No, we don’t know much about the Hirities or the Restites. We were going to set up cameras and monitor them, but we didn’t want there to be any disturbances of their home. They’ve had no outside human contact.”
“Well then how do you know they exist?” The interviewer asked.
This was my favorite question. I love seeing the looks of shock come across people’s faces when they hear the answer.
“Well that is a short story in itself. Many years ago, some hikers around the location of the tribes found a man. His body was bro...

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...tzel was thrown from the edge of his so called “crater” and instead of dying and going to his moon god he instead lied for 3 days with broken ribs, legs and arms. He’s lucky it was not his neck. The doctor finished his interpretation and then promptly left the doctors in awe.” I stopped speaking again and noticed that now I had this boy in awe. I chuckled.
I told him, “Well boy, I’ve got a plane to catch. I’ll tell you the stories of my adventures when I return.” As I ushered him out of the door.
The boy left fumbling with his notepad and pens stil had the confused look of awe on his face that had been there while I was telling him the story. “Oh yes” I said. “He’ll be back as soon I set my foot in the door on my return. He’ll want to know all about the tribes and more about the beliefs and kooks of the people.” I smiled. “And what an amazing story that will be.”
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