Just One Of The Guys By Kristen Schilt

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Upon arriving the first day of class I initially realized, this is a female dominated class. I immediately went and sat next to another male and proceeded to talk about sports; anything manly to be honest. Going through the syllabus pegged some social challenges for me, however I decided to push through in order to gain a closer insight to this growing social construct. Upon reading “Just One of the Guys” by Kristen Schilt, I started to become aware of many instances in my own professional life where I acted inappropriate or standoffish for no reason. This book pegged an important question and analyzed the unique occurrences of the transgender man. Through the use of profound interviews and many observational data collections, Schilt accomplishes getting her point across about the treatment of these transmen. In this class, I have been able to acquire a better understanding as to why the LGBTQ community is so vocal regarding their rights and current issues. In broad terms, a schema can be described as a path taken to determine a society’s expectations. In a more specific setting a natural difference schema is defined as men and women maintaining two separate groups on the gender binary. This meaning that the difference between genders is specifically biological and not based on feeling and personality. Schilt continued to amaze me by utilizing these interviews in strategic ways, which overlaid perfectly to show the odd shaping of gender in the workplace. The utilization of this natural difference schema corresponds and guides individual behaviors, which inherently affect certain human interactions. Schilt also began to make it clear that today’s society stills views men as fundamentally better than women. For example,... ... middle of paper ... ...day life of people who feel different and some who are different. Schilt has helped guide me into the accepting and caring man I am now. She has shown me that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and that is how I plan to live the rest of my life. Upon my arrival to this class, I essentially thought that I would have to overcompensate my masculinity in order to over power some of the female dynamics. However, throughout my time in this class and given the task of reading “Just One of the Guys” has given me a new lease on life. Kristen Schilt does an amazing job at utilizing personal in-depth interviews and observational datasets to show how transmen are treated in the workplace and to what extent we as a society view them. This book would give many people on today’s society a better understanding of what transmen go through on a daily basis.

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