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“No, don’t.” blared Ked Weasley. “You can’t.”
He took a deep breath and looked behind him. His beautiful planet is in stake. The place where he was born. The place that millions, no billions of people are at right this moment and Ked won’t let anything stop that. Jupiter is not just a planet. Jupiter is a home, a environment. Jupiter has created us. Jupiter has created everything. Jupiter has created anything.
“All because of me. All because of me my planet will be ruined.” Ked murmured under his shaky, nervous breath. “But I won’t let that happen.”
Ked was just an average kid. Just an average kid with a dream. Jupiter was a planet, but the only planet. Of course, there was the moon and the sun, but those aren't planets. Just like every other person in Jupiter, he had a schedule. Everyone on planet Jupiter has a schedule. Mr. Moore, the captain of the universe, wanted to be organized. He has been our captain for over three hundred years, and counting. Before, there was someone else in charge. Someone else watching our every move. Most people don’t believe it, but I do.
Before, ...

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