Junk Food Case Study

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There is a global crisis arising from the poor eating habits which the majority develop at an early age, and stick to, for the rest of their lifetime. Every year, many individuals lose their lives from the complications related to poor eating lifestyle such as obesity. The schools are the foundation of every discipline and lifestyle that people adopt, and so for the nation to have a healthy lifestyle free from health-related complications, the first and foremost step, is to avoid junk food in schools such as soda, candy, and cakes among others. Thanks are in the 2012 mandate for changing the school menus from junk food to healthy foods including fruits and vegetables. The first reason why schools should not serve junk food to students is that such foods lack the Omega-6 and Omega-3 which are responsible for the healthy intelligence development. Once students are deprived of…show more content…
That leads to the children adopting the lifestyle to their adulthood stage of life, making the world to be full of obese and overweight, unhealthy individuals prone to many diseases (FamilyDoctor.org). The schools should have healthy diet menus to have mentally alert students who are excellent in their academic work without depression and anxiety to avoid cases of school strikes and dropouts which are in association with the poor eating habits. For the students to participate in sports fully and to determine their talents, there should be no junk foods in schools for them to be strong without complications related to severe eating such as weak bones which can hinder them from taking part in sports. Lastly for the parents not to spend so much money on their children’s food, the schools should provide the healthiest diet, which is cheaper and its consumption is not frequent, unlike the junk whose serving us at any time leading to

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