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Should GMOs be removed from foods? This is a question most people don’t take the time to think about. GMOs stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. GMO means an organism that has had its genetic material (DNA) modified. GMOs are injected into animals to increase the size of the meat and to make the animal grow faster, but people don’t understand what the consequences are. As a society, the United States isn’t eating healthy and we need to be. Sixty-nine percent of the population in the United States are either obese or overweight, says Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child and Human Development. Farmlands need to be utilized. Using more farmland and growing more crops, we will be healthy. It’s understandable why actions aren’t being taken right now, there is not enough land to farm on, but it can be solved by owning our own gardens in the back of our houses. “You’re eating genetically modified foods almost daily unless you grow all of your food or always buy organic…. About a quarter of the milk in the US comes from cows injected with a GM hormone, honey comes from bees working GM crops, and some vitamins include some GM ingredients… 60 percent or more of processed foods available in the US contain GM ingredients, because most processed foods contain corn or soy.”, says Mother Earth News article. It says in the Mother Earth News: The Threats From Genetically Modified Foods, “...eight international scientists cited study after study linking glyphosate to birth defects in birds and amphibians, cancer, endocrine disruption, damage to DNA, and reproductive and developmental damage in mammals, even at very low doses…” and it also says that it damages soil and can form a various amount of plant diseases. The definition o... ... middle of paper ... ... been through so much. If the government wasn’t so twisted, they could help us out. There should be more farms and our own gardens to help end hunger. If people who are eating this food are getting sick from it, why do we want to continue to eat this food? Wouldn't we want to give people better food so they grow strong and healthy. How do we know that the additives of GMOs aren’t killing us slowly? Or causing defects and diseases? We need to be strong and healthy. In the video of “The Scarecrow” by Chipotle it shows exactly what happens in real life. Same thing with the movie “Food, Inc.” . Except “Food, Inc.” has actual footage of interviews of people who are trying to help us. So do me a favor, please, take the time and watch the youtube video “The Scarecrow” by Chipotle and the movie “Food, Inc.”. You will be shocked by what your eating and how bad it is for you.
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