Jungian 16 Type Personality Essay

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With dealing with my own personality many people tell me that tend to be a very caring and loving individuals .At times I found myself being to caring and loving .Sometimes I get myself in trouble because I don’t know how to stop being caring and loving .Being a boss sometimes I can conidersided .For example in taking some of these self -assessment I found myself picking the more better one best applied to me and I found it hard trying hard to just pick between just that one. Good introductory paragraph helps follow the discussion In the “What My Jungian 16 type Personality ?” test most of the answer I give could be both answer because it really depends on the decision I had to make and project that I would be working on at the time .;Also…show more content…
It is also the tone that is set by the character of the business, it is the characteristic that is identify by others to be a relation to that business. (Robbins & Judge, 2009).The way business runs really determines the attitude and behavior the employees and managers will set for the environment. In particular, I learn that I am a very patient, caring, and helpful individual that as a manager loves to see her employees reach their highest potential .In taking that personality test I do admit that I have some down falls and short coming when it comes to leadership. I realize that I need to develop a balance between being kindhearted and aggressive .I mean I know just have to be kindhearted because I do it every day ,but the main problem is when it calls to be aggressive I feel like I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings . I have trouble even now at work when it comes to firing people, because I admit that I’m too personal with them. I learn that once I balance my attitude approach when it comes to disciplining employees and I have to realize doing that doesn’t make you a bad person. Good

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