Jung Typology Test On The Prentice Hall's Self Assessments

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Personality testing is very interesting in that there are some things you know about yourself and others you do not. I have always been the one with the plan, take charge and make it happen. Many times my family wants to just not have a plan and that makes me uncomfortable. My type A personality coupled with the need for organization and structure at times gets in the way of creative inspiration. Knowing about myself will help me to become a better leader, in that I see the frustrations my personality traits might bring to others. God made us in his own image but through sin, we are not perfect. God sent His Son to die on the cross, taking our place, so we can have eternal life. We can strive to overcome our negative personality traits…show more content…
Assessments indicate that this personality type works effectively together with others (Jung Typology Test, nd). With 30 staff members, 108 families and 123 children, getting along with everyone is a very important aspect of my position. The report about ambiguity on the Prentice Hall’s Self Assessment surprised me in that I scored a nine, which means that I am intolerant of ambiguity (Prentice Hall, nd). My day is never the same twice. There are so many changes daily with staff, parent and children’s needs, walk in tours and phone calls. My management team stays very busy and usually we do not sit still often. I was surprised since my life is so busy and I thrive on the craziness of the day that, I scored differently than I…show more content…
I need to be open to more creative thoughts and ideals. “The key to success is to risk thinking unconventional thoughts. Convention is the enemy of progress” (Trevor Bayliss, nd). I work with employees with a lot of creativity, years of experience, and who work with their students every day. The teachers know what will work best, or how to handle a behavioral problem, or deal with a parent in a different way, because they have built a partnership with them. I am continuing to encourage staff to provide solutions to situations. “Doing the same thing you have always done may not be enough, you could get caught in a deep mental rut” (Yeung, 2009). As sinners, we all have weaknesses. How we handle them and choose to changes traits we have would be up to us. II Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect on weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power my rest on me. God is letting us know that he loves us even though we are not perfect. He will assist us when we ask for help in overcoming our weakness. When we ask for help, help is given. This also allows other to fulfill there calling in life and help others overcome their weaknesses as well. “…our communication and interactions with one another
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