Jumping Mouse

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“Jumping Mouse” The story Jumping Mouse is a Native American tale that is told with many central themes in mind. The story was most likely told to a wide ranged age group. So with the multiple themes it most likely was design to touch home with all ages in some form or another. One of the more central themes however was the importance of the situations and animals that help Jumping Mouse on his journey. The animals that he meets are much the same as people and situations we have met or well meet in our lifetime. The story begins with a for the most part regular mouse. Like most mice he is “Busy with Mice things”. However just shortly into the story you find that he is anything but normal when he begins to hear a “Roaring” in his ears. Others however ignore this saying “Are you foolish in your head? What sound?”. He tries to convince the other mice, but they are too closed minded to listen to him. These mice, to me represent my peers that are unwilling to take the time to look at the bigger picture around them. I myself am happy and content with my own little world. The story made me think about what I’m missing out on in life by being confined to my little box of thinking, that is my so-called life. Later he decides that he is going to go and find out what the noise is. He talks to his Brother the Raccoon, who tells him that what he is hearing is the river. He declares that he will go and find it so he can tell the others. After witch he begins to doubt himself, as he gets closer to the river. He almost turns back multiple times because he is so scared. This goes along with thinking outside of the box. He now begins to come out of he’s comfort zone, which causes he to almost makes him turn back. This is like so many things in my life, for I have an extreme prejudices and distaste for leaving my comfort zone. After Jumping Mouse gets to the river he sees his reflection in the river. He describes the image as a “Frightened Mouse”. This again shows that he truly is stepping far outside his comfort zone. Soon Brother Raccoon leaves him with Brother Frog.

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