Julius Robert Oppenheimer, the Man Who Created the Nuclear Bomb

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One man created a nuclear bomb, ended a world war, saved hundreds of thousands of lives, all while creating a new wave of theoretical physics. He was born on April 22, 1904 in New York. His father, who had come to the United States from Germany at the age of 17, was a prosperous textile importer. His mother, Ella Freedman, was a painter who studied in Paris and came from Baltimore. He is Julius Robert Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer was the most important person of the twentieth century due to his creation of the School of Theoretical Physics in Berkeley, his crucial work on the development of the atomic bomb, which ended World War II, and his thoughtful opposition to the great destruction that could be wrought by the atomic bombs.
Oppenheimer was an exceedingly intelligent person, even as a child, and his intelligence enabled him to develop and nurture a wave of He collected mineralogical specimens at the age of five years old. After six years, his collection was so impressive, he was admitted membership in the prestigious Mineralogical Club in New York, one of the oldest mineral clubs in the United States. Thus, he was admitted to Harvard in 1922, intending to become a chemist. However, he switched to physics, a subject he had become interested in. He graduated in a short three years, and received his Ph.D. in an astonishingly rapid two years. In the early 1930's, Oppenheimer created the School of Theoretical Physics at Berkeley. This school was soon to become one of the most prestigious theoretical physics schools in the world. The majority of the best American theoretical physicists who grew up in those years were trained by Oppenheimer at one state of their lives. Many were his graduate students, others came to him as Post-doctor...

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...e of the destructive bombs, his punishment for doing so, and the amends made to him, let the people of both the United States and the rest of the world realize how destructive atomic bombs can be on a wide scale. Oppenheimer is a large reason why, after World War II, there has been no nuclear warfare.
Julius Robert Oppenheimer is the most prominent person of the twentieth century. His creation of the Center of Theoretical Physics at Berkeley led to a new wave of theoretical physics students which has changed modern science forever. His leadership of the Manhattan Project led them to create the atomic bomb in time to end the war and save hundreds of thousands of lives that would be lost in a land invasion of Imperial Japan. His following outspoken opposition of continued use of atomic devices broadcasted a new wave of public opinion that has had long-lasting effects.
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