Julius Caesar in Ancient Rome

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In the beginning, approximately from 753BC to 338BC, Rome was simply a city-state founded by Italic tribes in central Italy (Consolidation of Italy, April 23rd, 2014). Around 338BC however, the Roman Republic began to take control. There are various reasons for the rise of Rome that include naval dominance, appeasement, improved stability, protection, commerce and government, standardization, infrastructural advance, food allocation, military prowess, and geopolitical (Reasons for Rise of Rome, April 23rd, 2014). Rome soon took complete control over numerous countries, and caused some serious lasting impacts including democracy, national borders, and Rome was actually coined with the term, “Original Western Superpower” (Lasting Impacts, April 23rd, 2014). Ancient Rome had very little innovations in their time. They mostly adopted their technology from the Etruscans and the Greek people (Milani-Santarpia, April 23rd, 2014). Although their innovations were few and far between, the achievements that were accomplished during the Roman Era included triumphal arches, aqueducts, bronze valves, water pumps, medical and surgical tools, cesareans, fast-curing cement, reinforced concrete, and even the calendar we use today (Milani-Santarpia, April 23rd, 2014). Even though Rome didn’t have many innovations, the one’s they did have are still being used today. Many aspects of Roman culture help make Rome unique, even today, but most people recognize Rome because of the buildings and landmarks that litter Rome. Some of the landmarks that people know as Roman are, but not limited to, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Catacombs, Pantheon, the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, the Castel Sant’ Angelo, the Old Appian Way, and ... ... middle of paper ... ...tion of Italy.” 23 Apr. 2014 . • Milani-Santarpia, Giovanni. “Ancient Roman Inventions.” 23 apr. 2014 . • “Rome’s Unique History.” 24 Apr. 2014 • “Roman Empire Timeline.” 24 Apr. 2014 . • Chris Trueman “The Roman Empire.” 24 Apr. 2014 • Andrea Thompson. “Ancient Rome's Real Population Revealed.” 24 Apr. 2014 • “Ancient Roman Sites.” 24 Apr. 2014 • Evan Andrews. “8 Reason’s Why Rome Fell.” 23 Apr. 2014

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