Julius Caesar: The Greatest Military Mind in History

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Julius Caesar was a great general and important leader in Ancient Rome. During his lifetime which lasted from 100 BC to 44 BC, he had held almost every important title in the Roman Republic including consul, tribune of people, high commander of the army and high priest. At a young age, he knew how important money was to the Roman politics and why the system was so corrupt. He suggested many new laws, which most of them were approved. He recognized the army and never lost a battle in the many he fought. He improved the way provinces were governed. He also shared his intelligence with the world by helping edit the calendar, and the romans rewarded him by naming a month after him. Julius Caesar was one of the greatest military minds and leaders in all of history which lead to an increase in the Roman economy, with happy citizens as a result. Julius Caesar was a trendsetter during his time and even after.
Above all, Julius Caesar was the greatest military mind in history. His military power helped Rome shape into one of the greatest and most memorable civilizations in history. He had many victories, and rarely lost a battle. He had received many victories in Egypt, Pontus, Gaul, Africa, and parts in Asia Minor, there he received some of his greatest honors. He proved himself when he led his army to conquer Gaulic tribes one after another. He constantly outmaneuvered and defeat his enemies which earned him the title as one of the greatest military minds in history. Julius Caesar also earned the respect he deserved from his soldiers when he fought on foot with his army against the Roman enemies. By doing that, Julius Caesar showed that he cares enough about his people that he will not only make successful plans for them, but fight wit...

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... during his time and even after, he was one of the greatest military minds and leaders in all of history winning almost all battles, and gaining more land for Rome. He was very experienced with politics and saved the Roman economy from corrupting. In addition to that he kept his citizens happy by giving them the respect they deserve and putting what they want first, influencing how leaders in present society run their nations. Julius Caesar was simply different from any other leader the Roman Republic had ever had, and changing Rome for the better. Yes, he became power crazy and that is what got himself murdered, but his mistakes taught his nephew how to deal with the growing power properly, which helped create an outstanding leader for the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar was a trendsetter who had a huge influence on back in the past and now still in present societies.
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