Julius Caesar Rhetorical Analysis

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639 words

In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Mark Antony and Brutus make a speech at Caesar’s funeral, Caesar has been assassinated, Mark Antony and Brutus are currently trying to gain power through manipulation during Caesar’s funeral. Antony uses parallelism, logos and pathos for his speech. Brutus uses either/thinking and ethos in his speech at Caesar’s funeral. Antony uses logos and pathos while Brutus uses ethos and parallelism in their speeches to persuade and manipulate their audiences. The form of persuasion Antony used managed to gain back the people’s loyalty. Both speeches of Brutus and Antony about Caesar’s death were compelling, but Mark Antony’s speech was overall superior to that of Brutus’s. In Brutus’s speech, he tries to invoke

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how mark antony and brutus use parallelism, logos, and pathos to gain power through manipulation during caesar's funeral.
  • Analyzes how brutus uses ethos to invoke the people of rome's reasoning by using either/thinking to present them with two extreme options, by living under a tyrant or having him dead.
  • Analyzes how mark antony's speech uses logos, pathos and parallelism to manipulate the minds of the roman people.
  • Analyzes how antony's speech was superior to brutus' speech because he used logos and pathos to make the people think about caesar’s death and mourn for him and want justice.
  • Analyzes how mark antony and brutus used different ways of persuading the roman people.
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