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Julius Caesar mirrors the lives of a broad base of tragic heroes, much like Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon Bonaparte. In addition to fighting or helping the wars their countries were involved in, all of them were assassinated or pushed out of there society because of their ideas. Julius Caesar is very much like Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon on how he ran his government. Julius Caesar tired to bring his government out of its economic downfall. He did what he thought was right which was suppressing the Republic that he knew would vote against him. He turned his attention to trying to become a dictator so he could make the country stronger while it was on its peak after many victories during Caesars conquest. However his close friends and the Senate realized that he was becoming mad with power and they believed that his point of view on the government was wrong. Therefore he was assassinated. (Julius Caesar) Abraham Lincoln suffered the same problem as Julius Caesar big part of what he wanted to do was to free African Americans slaves which the mass majority of the South did not agree with, especially one man John Wilkes Booth who put a bullet to end it. Napoleon Bonaparte was the same way he was a man put into a position that he had to bring his country out of a downfall. He decided to take his country into conquest which was very successful until he the War of 1812. Afterwards he was exiled twice and then died later in 1821. (Napoleon Bonaparte) All of these men were trying to bring the country out of a economic downfall. A big similarity of all these men was that they were all disposed for the same reason. Julius Caesar was a man with lots of power; he thought he was protected by his power as shown in the play Julius Caesar. His ... ... middle of paper ... ...t of Mother Russia started with 600,000 men and ended with an estimate of 100,000 men. He was forced from his throne in 1814 and exiled to Elba, on island in the Mediterranean near Italy. Bonaparte returned after the King had fled and fought in the Battle of Waterloo where he was defeated and was exiled again in 1815 to Saint Helena and eventually died in 1821. (Napoleon Bonaparte) As in the play Julius Caesar he had just came back from successful war conquest but was seen as having too much power and was planned to be dealt with. In conclusion Julius Caesar relates to Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon Bonaparte because all of them have been pushed away from their society by exile or assassantion, all ran a government to bring their country out of a economic downfall, and all fought or were involved in a war that changed their country’s history forever.
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