Julius Caesar Legacy

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He came, he saw, and he conquered all who stood in his way of making Rome the greatest and most powerful nation in the world. It’s said that he never lost a war (Gaius Julius Caesar). His people loved him and because of this, they would do whatever he commanded of them. He destroyed Pompey in the Civil War and desolated the Gauls in the Gallic War. He made the Romans strong with his amazing ability to lead. He has an every lasting legacy on the world. Many great military leaders follow in his footsteps, trying to be even a fraction as good as him. But few come close (KGB99).
Julius Caesar was born around 100B.C.E.. He was born of Gaius Caesar and Aurelia (Achievements Of Julius Caesar). He was blessed by being born into a political family that already had a foothold in the politics of Rome. “His father had been only a moderate political success, attaining the praetorship but not the consulship” (Gaius Julius Caesar). Another blessing of his was that his family routes could be traced back to the founders of Rome, which gave entitled him to traditional privileges and offices. Caesar was well educated and considered to be one of the most cultured people in Rome (Gaius Julius Caesar). When he was 16 he married his wife, Cornelia.
In 75 B.C.E he is captured by pirates. The pirates hold him ransom for 20 talents. When he was told this, he laughed at them and demanded that they up his ransom to 50 talents. He treated the pirates as subordinates, making them quite whenever he did not want to hear them speak. They played games together, Caesar read poetry and he also wrote and gave speeches to them. Before the ransom was paid, he told them that once he was free, he would hunt them down, take back him money and have them crucified. Upon ...

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... owns almost all of Western Europe. Caesar left for Gaul in 58 B.C.E. where he would remain for 9 years. In this military campaign he would gain control over most of Central Europe. Within the next few years, Caesar’s and Pompey’s relationship grows week and Caesar becomes afraid that Pompey will attempt a revolt. As Caesar had thought, Pompey attempts a revolt. The Roman Civil war breaks out. After years of fighting, Caesar squashes Pompey’s forces and stops the rebellion. In February of 44 B.C.E. Caesar appoints himself dictator perpetuus, the ruler of Rome for life. The very next month Caesar is assassinated by his political opponents. He is stabbed 23 times in front of Pompey’s statue. The assassination was led by Marcus Junius Brutus, a good friend of Caesar. This causes another civil war to break out, which put Augustus Caesar into power (McManus, Barbara F.).
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