Julius Caesar Analysis

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Gaius Julius Caesar a Roman dictator, on the Ides of March 15, 44 BC was assassinated in the Roman Senate by his own senators. Caesar became the most powerful dictator in Rome after defeating Pompey and his legions in a Civil War. The Liberators a group of senators believed Julius Caesar was too strong and devised a plan to have him murdered. One of the conspirators was Marcus Brutus, a close friend of Julius Caesar, who had hatred towards him. The conspirators of Julius Caesar planned to murder him before he was to leave for a military campaign in Parthia. Julius Caesar suffered from 35 stab wounds and one in the heart that ultimately decided his fate. Three primary sources were written documenting the events of the assassination and the type…show more content…
Suetonius spotlights how Caesar utilized any way to control his way into higher power. These parts of Suetonius ' written work truly mirror the identity of Caesar. Caesar will go extremes to ensure he is in a place of force, or that individual’s support him. Perhaps one of the best cases found in the excerpts of the, “Lives of the Twelve Caesars,” shows Suetonius concentrating on Caesar’s controls and political impact as his fundamental aspect of his composition style. Caesar put the chief of magistrates of each new year under some commitment to him, and declining to bolster any competitors or permit them to be chosen unless they guaranteed to shield his cause while he was truant from Rome. He had no dithering in holding some of them to their guarantees by a promise or even a composed contract. This obtrusively indicates how Caesar would ensure he remained in power by his method for political control. By having Caesar have the capacity to put his own followers in vital places of force, these trials or races that would come up would ensure he is either spared or…show more content…
His popularity amongst the populace gained him a vast amount of power. His military campaign in Gaul made him a wealthy man. Marcus Brutus was a patrician, and they controlled the senate during the Republic. Patricians and the Plebs had a history of conflict, and the Plebs seek to limit the power of the aristocracy over the people of Rome. Brutus and Cassius were angered at Julius Caesar’s rise to power and viewed him as a threat to the Patricians. When Caesar successfully achieved dictator status after conquering Pompey, they believed Caesar wanted to be king. They assassinated him because Brutus and Cassius were threatened by Caesar becoming a permanent
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