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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Caesar is stabbed to death. It was on March 15, 44 B.C., also know as the "Ides of March" said by the Soothsayer.(1.2) The assassination was committed by a group of conspirators which includes Brutus, Casca, Cassius, Cinna, Decius, Ligarius, Metellus, and Trebonius. The motive behind the assassination of Julius Caesar the conspirators were afraid that Caesar would turn the Roman Republic into a tyrannical monarchy. Today, Caesar is carefully studied for his ambitions, military accomplishments and actions. Evaluated for his variety of characteristics. In the drama full play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Caesar is a character within a character and is very arrogant to his people. This information can be used to identify the different kinds of characters and their role of Julius Caesar.
Julius Caesar is the protagonist in the play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. In other words, Caesar is the main character, now the doors will open to different kinds of characteristics. Other characteristics includes major, static, flat, axial, and of course the tragic hero. The major is interconnected with the protagonist since both basic mean the main character but also the major character influences the story the most. Usual the protagonist and major stays static in the story. Caesar is arrogant to everyone his people and his wife. For example, he did not listen to his wife's "...dreamt to-night she saw my statue,Which, like a fountain with an hundred spouts, Did run pure blood...".(2.2) Caesar unchanged arrogant behavior also shows he is a flat character. Thought out the play he shows his arrogant behavior toward his wife and the dream. The Soothsayer and his fortune telling about Caesar's assassi...

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...ays an important in the play. Caesar is a character within a character with a unfavorable motive, arrogant behavior, and does not listen to the people of Rome. This is a formula for an unpleasant disaster. Caesar should of listened to the Soothsayer in act 1 and his wife in act 2. Caesar should have kept his motive about changing Rome from a Republic into a tyrannical monarchy. Caesar would of never started the idea of a conspiracy Caesar should of changed his arrogant behavior to a more people friendly behavior. Caesar would of change his arrogance then the people would of liked him more and did not consider anything unpleasant toward Caesar. The past is history and use it as a learned experience to try to change. In Julius Caesar case, Caesar was given different opportunities to change but he ignored it and stayed static.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the motive behind the assassination of julius caesar, which was committed by a group of conspirators.
  • Analyzes how caesar is the main character in the play, the tragedy of julius caesar. his arrogance and his desire to change rome into a tyrannical monarchy shape his characteristics and lead to his demise.
  • Analyzes how caesar's arrogance, motives, and not listening to foreshadowed words started his problems and led to his demise.
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