Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar

Everyday life in Rome was quite organised. People could only dress

that represented themselves and their status. Being a Roman citizen

was very important and even the poor of the poor were proud to be

Roman. Rome was governed by the triumvirate. This included Pompey,

Crassus and Julius Caesar. Unfortunately Crassus died in a battle.

This caused disruption and Caesar and Pompey fell out because neither

wanted to share Rome. Eventually Caesar killed Pompey and his two

sons. Caesar was the absolute power but because Rome had experienced a

cruel tyrant Tarquin who enslaved the Romans, everyone was scared of

this happening again.

The role of the common people was important as if they offered light

relief for the audience but more importantly provided the key for

avenging Caesars death. Brutus and Mark Antony knew that the crowd

could be manipulated and exploited this using various but subtle

techniques which influenced the crowd.

When the conspirators killed Caesar Brutus and Mark Antony made

speeches about Caesar and the event of the killing.

Brutus went first and used "Romans, countrymen and lovers" He puts

Romans first as he killed Caesar for the good of Rome.

He manipulates the crowd by asking rhetorical questions that say

either you love Caear, or the love you freedom. But you can not have

both speak no or forever hold your peace. Brutus knew that the Romans

were proud of they freedom and their society so this question

justified the killing.

He says that Caesar was ambitious and it was only a matter of time

before Rome was taken over. As a result, death for his ambition.

The speech is effective, the crowd are won over and now support Brutus

and love him.

Then Mark Antony speaks and after Brutus' performance they don't

really want to listen but eventually they do.

This time Mark Antony starts off the opposite to Brutus "Friends

Countrymen, Romans lend me your ears.."

He tells the crowd that he is here to bury Caesar not to praise him.
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