Julie and May

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Julie opened her eyes. Looking around herself with misty eyes, she found herself in a ward. No one else was in the ward at that moment. The spacious ward was enveloped in quietness. Julie felt her head heavy with dizziness, as if all the strength had drained out of her body. Questions stacked in her brain: Why am I here? Why am I here? Yet her intense headache prevented her from thinking hard. Despite her listless condition, she attempted to sit up in bed, but immediately felt an excruciating pain in her left leg. Subconsciously, Julie groped for her leg. She felt the rigid plaster, and jerked her hands back instantly with a start. That was when the terrible memories of the tragic night flashed through her mind. She was on her way home the day before. Just as she was walking past a parking lot, a red Honda started to reverse and exit from the parking lot. She stepped aside, but the car suddenly went out of control and whizzed in her direction. Panic stricken, she dashed frantically away to avoid the oncoming car, but it was too late. With a sudden crash, she lost her consciousness. A sense of loss surged throughout her weak body as she recalled yesterday’s accident. Pain started to raid her relentlessly. Staring blankly at her motionless leg, she let out a cry of disbelief and desperation. Her parents entered, consoling her and telling her that she would be in hospital for three months. She was lucky, they told her, that she narrowly missed the fate of being an amputee. But Julie could clearly see their tear-stained and weary faces as they told her not to worry in trembling voices. She could not stand it anymore. “Get out!” she shouted. “Get out at once!” Knowing the utter g... ... middle of paper ... ...Greeted with the sight of your grateful and intent eyes, I suddenly realized that I could still make a difference to people around me, even though I was near the end of my life journey. It was then that I decided to cheer you up, to help you, and meanwhile to make my final days meaningful. It was great to see you getting better day by day, although at times I mourned for the impossibility of my own recovery. I cherished our friendship. I cherished your company. I felt real happiness on recent days. And, I believe that you also have the same feeling. So, please do me a favor: be a strong girl. Do not break down when I leave you. Instead, let our friendship motivate you to lead a brave and happy life. Please remember: life always has something wonderful in store for you, waiting for you to discover. You must find it out, for yourself, for me, and, for our friendship.”

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