Judging Others: A Theme in Harper Lee´s To Kill a Mockingbird

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Often in life people prejudge others, but their view changes as they get to know the person. In to kill a mockingbird by Harper lee Jem and Scout prejudge Boo Radley and their father Atticus. Jem and Scout believe their father has absolutely no skill. Throughout the book the kids get to see more of his skills. Boo Radley is considered a monster in Maycomb and Scout and Jem use the town’s judgment as their own. After learning more about Boo and getting to know him they realize he is opposite of what they thought. Because Jem and Scout are influenced by other people’s opinions they are able to learn from their mistakes and develop a new perspective on people. In the beginning of the novel Jem and Scout believe Boo is a ghost until they get to see the real him. Everyone in Maycomb has a negative judgment of Boo, in the beginning Jem and Scout go along with it. If they ever past his house they would sprint past it and then one day they noticed toys in a hole. Never would a monster leave toys for kids clearly the kids had judged him wrong. Also when Jem, Scout, and Dill were at t...
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