Judging In The Story Of Mexican Mebaby

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Judging, In some ways, this can be a good thing. People judge competitions, pageants, and even sports events. But in todays world, people are judging for all of the wrong reasons. They are judging other people for no reason. They judge for skin color, Accent, Ethnicity, and many other things that shouldn’t matter.
The story of Mexican WhiteBoy is a story of friendship and acceptance in a world of people who are constantly judging you by your skin color and ethnicity. The main characters in this book are Uno and Danny.
The character of Uno is a half white, half black teenaged male. His mom and dad are separated. Both his mom and his dad have new families by now, and this makes Uno unhappy.
Danny is a half white, half Mexican teenaged male with another separated family. Danny’s dad left him and his family when he was rather young. Danny later found out that his dad was in prison. His mom is living in San Francisco with his sister and another man. This guy is rather wealthy and has a big house, and he spoils Danny’s mom. Danny hates the idea that his mom is with another guy in the first place let alone a regular white guy.
This story starts out with Danny coming down to live with his cousin for the summer. When Carmen introduces Danny to all of her friends, they all start to flirt with Dannay and it makes him uncomfortable so he digs his nails into his skin. Danny sees a bunch of guys playing baseball, his favorite sport. When he started playing, he amazed the guys with his hitting skills. This made one of the guys, Uno, Rather angry. When Uno hit the ball and the bat hit Unos’s brother in the face, Uno got extremely angry and punched Danny in the face. Danny ended up going unconscious. This was ironically the start to the bes...

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...and if he could strike the guy out, they won money. This money was to help Uno move down with his dad.
By the end of the book, In my opinion, Uno felt like he had to repay Danny so he found out which prison Danny’s dad was in. Danny was shocked and he thanked Uno. They were scheduled to spend the last day of summer visiting Danny’s dad in prison.
The story of how this friendship came to be and grow is truly amazing to me. They started out fighting. At the beginning of the book, I never would have pictured this friendship and even more, I wouldn’t have pictured they would be best friends. I think the author did a great job in hiding the fact they would become best friends. This is one of the friendships that developed in the story that really caught my attention. Im not sure I would have been able to overcome the fact that he punched me so cuddos to Danny for that.
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