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Criminals can come in many different shapes and sizes. For example, a criminal can be classified as being a murderer or a criminal could just simply have committed fraud in a business setting. There is a large diversity of criminals and it is the judge’s job to determine what is a fair punishment for a guilty verdict. Judge Ron Swanson, a federal judge for the Florida District Court of Appeal, deals with using cost-benefit analysis daily to determine what is fair for everyone involved. Before becoming a judge, Judge Swanson was a prosecutor coming out of law school in the University of Florida. As a prosecutor and a judge, Judge Swanson has always worked to bring justice for the victims, the defendant if he or she is innocent, and for the citizens…show more content…
Swanson’s argument, he stated that regardless of the situation, he needed to go the extra mile so people can get justice. This means that even though it is costlier and time consuming, it is worth it in the end to pay for these extra costs and take any extra risks. According to Judge Swanson, it is his job to be sure that the victims he encounters receive their fair treatment by doing it with purpose, integrity, and understanding that it is their day to get what they want. This is by far Judge Swanson’s most persuasive argument because it dispels the economic difficulties of maintaining death row by basically stating that it is the right thing to do from an ethical perspective. According to Judge Swanson, if someone such as a parent had lost a loved one such as a child, then that parent deserves fair treatment by killing the criminal that murdered the child. It is the parent’s day and even though there is nothing that will bring their child back, the parent will be at least a little more at ease knowing that the criminal who committed the murder is going to be taken care of. Of course there could be counterarguments that contradict Swanson’s beliefs on the issue, however, that does not take away the fact that Judge Swanson was persuasive and was able to somewhat dispel the cost-benefit analysis that states that it is too costly to maintain death row. In the end, it is about establishing justice for everyone involved and according to Judge Swanson, justice is more important regardless of the issues that exist with the death

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