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What is religion? “In the dictionary it states that religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. But in other walks of faith religion could be a place of worship whether if it’s at home, or at a church. In every culture there are those god-seekers. We have created every religion as a method to redeem ourselves and to reach God through regulations, rules, or works. All religions center upon man’s own efforts to make things right with God. Through self-effort or people who try to earn their way into heaven (salvation) or some eternal reward. In the Jewish culture they refer to the word faith instead of the word religion. When we think of the word religious ethics we think of them…show more content…
One of the things that they believe in is worship in the Synagogue. Typically, these services take place Friday evening or Saturday mornings. These times are known as Sabbath days. Sabbath is known as the 7th day of the week, which begins at sunset on Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday. In the culture of Judaism, they have an annual festival called Rosh Hashanah. This is a Jewish New Year. But unlike our New Years, they don 't have a set date. Rosh Hashanah can be anytime between September and October, but depending on the Lunar Year. They also believe in eating Kosher foods over regular foods. The actual meaning of Kosher is proper or fitting. This tells them which foods they can eat, and which foods they need to stay away from. When a male child is born, the Jews believe in Circumcision. Many people nowadays automatically choose to agree to a circumcision for their sons, but in the Jewish culture, they have a significant reason for it. They believe those who choose not to perform a circumcision will not have a chance to enter Heaven. When a Jewish child gets to the age of 13, they are celebrated as they are forming from a child to an adult. This ritual is called either a bar Mitzvah or a bat Mitzvah depending on the gender of the child. Marriage and death rituals are also very important to the Jewish culture. All of these traditions together, make up the culture of…show more content…
The act of circumcision is the sign of the covenant. The ceremony has to occur approximately eight days after the baby boy is born. The timing is very specific, even if the eighth day happens to fall on one of the Jewish holidays they will still perform the ritual. The only time that that rules is invalid for the eight day rule is if the baby boy is too sick for the circumcision to be performed. The circumcision must happen before sundown. The person who does the ceremony is a person called a mohel. The word mohel comes from the word mohela, which is Aramaic for "one who circumcises." In order to perform circumcisions, a mohel has to take special training. “The circumcision is performed in a home or synagogue by a mohel, a respected Jewish man educated in the relevant Jewish laws, skilled in hygienic practices, and possessed of a steady hand (Voorst, 2013).” Some mohels are doctors, who will have the medical skill to perform the circumcision safely. As stated in the book “the commandment to circumcise is given first in Genesis 17:10–14 as an essential part of God’s covenant with Abraham. According to God’s command to Abraham, circumcision is performed only on males as the sign of the covenant and membership in God’s people (Voorst, 2013”). There are three things that happen while the circumcision in underway. The parents are there and the person who holds the baby is there. This person is
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