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“I will take you as my own people, and I will be your God” (Exodus 6:7)

One of the principal beliefs of Judaism is monotheism. The belief in only one God. In the ancient world, this concept was a very new concept. Powerful empires that controlled Israel for a time as well as parts of the middle east (Roman empire, Macedonian empire, Assyrian Empire, etc) were polytheistic. Judaism was, essentially, the first monotheistic religion (excluding an attempt at monotheism in ancient Egypt which never took off). The idea of one God was very strange to people at the time and not only that concept was unusual, but the way that this one God was different; in both his attributes and requirements.
At the time when Judaism was born, the rituals and ceremonies of the ancient religions around dealt with offerings that would result in a god/goddess looking favourably upon the person who had made the offering- giving them a bountiful harvest, health, etc.
Judaism offerings, however, were mainly a result of sin and a way of appeasing God.

The rules for Judaism were also a lot clearer than in some ...
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